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Today Newsletter for "BVMembers"

Dear friends
If you interested about betvirus picks from today you can make a free registration as paid member in betvirus.com at 98club.info where you can follow our picks with units management in every pick and daily stats update with the bet results.
This offer is valid for as long you stay active paid subscriber in betvirus.com and follows the ancillary service which had so far the right taking out newsletter with bet picks from

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Лучшая форма (ТОП-5)

Победы в последних 5 играх  
Paysandu 80%
Cork 80%
Göteborg 80%
Racing 80%
Norrköping 80%
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Чаще Меньше (ТОП-5)

Среднее для Меньше  
Atletico Goianiense 90%
ABC 89%
Häcken 85%
Kofu 82%
Colorado Rapids 82%
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Чаще Больше (ТОП-5)

Среднее для Больше  
Nest-Sotra 79%
Bodo Glimt 79%
Montreal Impact 79%
Sandefjord 79%
Bryne 79%
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