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Time Zone: Europe/Brussels 
08/03/2016 QPR-Derby County 40-34-27 2.50 - 2.94 - 3.70 367
08/03/2016 Fulham-Burnley 36-36-28 2.78 - 2.78 - 3.57 160
08/03/2016 Bolton-Ipswich 42-28-30 2.38 - 3.57 - 3.33 205
08/03/2016 Nottingham Forest-Preston 32-36-32 3.13 - 2.78 - 3.13 106
08/03/2016 Bradford-Burton Albion 43-28-29 2.33 - 3.57 - 3.45 315
08/03/2016 Bristol Rovers-Wimbledon 38-30-32 2.63 - 3.33 - 3.13 345
08/03/2016 Partick Thistle-Aberdeen 26-35-39 3.85 - 2.86 - 2.56 82



1. We see in betvirus the 4 different combinations % in Match Evaluation match tab for 1-X-2. For example 42-0-58 on the Form.

2. Open the BVTOOL and put the criteria of interest. Eg: German Second Division, Time search period January 2009 to date, and the combination of Form eg 42-0-58 as our example. So do individually and for the rest of 3 Match Evaluation Type (Form In Out, Total and Total In Out)

3. We group the 4 different search results to an excel and find an overall assessment in the form% (RATES) as a Fair Odd (100/probability)

In the above table the SAMPLE column indicated how much is the total sample rallies in BVTOOL and from 4 different searches at the base and can be used as a weight indicator for the reliability of the estimate.

The above methodology is not the only one that we can use to Export Fair Odd conclusions at betting. The BVTOOL tool can be used in other ways to appreciate Value Bet for your bet interest.

Search offered odds equal to or greater than the Fair Odd to have a Value Bet bet. Before you decide your wager take your mind and other factors beyond the statistical analysis such as teams news, motivation, weather conditions and other that may affect the outcome of a match. A Value Bet point bet does not mean that it will verify when the player decides that he will bet. Value Bet point means that if we play with that in mind we hope to overcome the house edge in the long run and be winners. Play bet without risking any money that may be handy for any need.

The BVTOOL is statistical Fair Odd generator tool and can help you in a catalyst way for your favorite game. Get your subscription at betvirus.com, use BVTOOL and Happy Value Bet Hunting!