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Good evening all.
Betting tips have started to be posted at 98club from today, Friday, and will continue to be posted there, as usual, in our members area for betvirus’ subscribers. We use the already familiar scale for units per selection, ranging from 1 to 10, and also an indication for Limit, which shows the actual limit for fair odds, so as to know from what odds and above it’s really worth to bet at.
But apart from that –and independently- let’s see some of our first thoughts regarding the game schedule of the five most popular championships in Europe, based on the odds that are available at this moment.
English Premier League
The initial and single thought here is about the first match of the schedule between Stoke City and Manchester City. BVTOOL may totally flip the favoutite in favor of the home team, but the strength of the two teams, and the difference in quality regarding their performance, doesn’t give us room for something more than that. Nevertheless, the odds for an away win do not give the slightest value for those would think about it. The general image we get is that Manchester City is not going to win with ease. We shall see.
French Ligue1
The game between Reims – Troyes is rather weird. Although it’s still a bit early to say for sure, Troyes is literally doomed for relegation. The team is actually without a couch, with a pathetic defensive line and… the belief that it is almost impossible to get a win. The odds in favor of Troi (5.25 and over) just confirm this downturn. BVTOOL agrees with that but with a slight but still not to be overlooked differentiation: it gives odds slightly below 4.50… On one hand Reims is not… Paris Saint Germain and on the other hand, the imminent relegation of the guest team, is enough to make play without much stress. It’s just a matter of perspective. We should keep in mind whether the latest news favor the quest team.
A far more interesting match in France is that between Saint Etienne – Rennes. Saint Etienne really surprised everyone with its scoring arduousness in the game against Lille. Rennes also lost it last match (home game) against Marseille, but it is more successful in away matches! It’s record is 3-4-1 with 12-8 goals. The two teams are pretty close in their standings. Our look is towards Rennes (4.20). BVTOOL, using a rather satisfactory statistic sample, creates an idea of a much more competitive match, with Saint Etienne regarded as the favourite, but in no way there at 2.00 – 2.10 and at the same time it lowers Rennes just below 3.00. We shall wait for the latest news regarding both teams here also, as in all other cases.
Match fixtures in Germany do not really suggest anything clear, therefore we just pass by and land at Florence…
Anyone interested in… ghosts can take a look at Artemio Franchi. The truth is that the home team is a bit off course lately, and for that reason it has costed them -2 points from the top. Of course, the home team is still the big favourite over the mediocre but still considerable Udinese. Yet, the odds at 7.50+ are really too much… BVTOOL estimates the actual odds a bit lower that that, at about 6.00, but let’s write it again, we are chasing a ghost here, whatever that may mean…
At Spain with… Villarreal-Vallecano. Is Vallecano really for odds like 6.50? This is the main question here. At the match against Getafe, Villarreal wasn’t convincing at all and furthermore, the last win of the team was since late October. What does this mean? It may mean for example the start of a prolonged crisis, or they could be waiting for Vallecano to show what they have… The home team will have the first and last word at this match –BVTOOL really agrees with that- but with a quick look there is still value in the away win. This is also to be considered.
...We are over and repeat that all the above, are just thoughts on fixtures this weekened. The… battle in 98club.info members area has started since today. Good luck regardless of your selections!
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