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As we have explained in a previous post (please read here: "About BV VIP Picks) VIP picks comes from statistical analysis of various parameters to "produce" the Fair Odd Indicator and the adviced Stake per match in a scale from 1 to 10 units.

Important factors such as the latest news of the teams that can of course affect the outcome are not taken into account for this analysis and that's why you need to be very careful before betting.

However BVTeam keep a month by month picks record for reasosn of trust and information purposes (Month By Month VIP Picks) So, the best way to take advantage of VIP picks as BVMember is to consult these picks suggestions and combine them with the latest news of the teams before matches (players absences, injuries) your instinct, the motivation e.t.c. so you can reach in safe conclusion about your betting choices.

Do not forget that you have a strong adviser the Fair Odd Indicator helps you to find value bets in your bookmaker at odds equal or higher from these publishing at Betvirus VIP Picks.
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