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Betvirus Trading Signals Service Monthly Perfomances
(Profit/Loss in Pips - Closed Trades)

Jan Feb Mar April May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dev
2017 +331 +254 -622 +957 +519*

* Not final count...
  • End of day Price Action Strategies. 22.55 - 01.05 (UTC+3) every working day.
  • Entry Price with Stop Loss and Take Profit limits.
  • Trade setups from predefined filled orders and daily updates for each open signal.
  • We monitor every working day 13 Forex pairs.
  • Average of 14 trades per month
  • Backtesting for almost two years with proven profit results.
  • No external service provider/software, no robots, low subscription price to get know the amazing Forex market!
  • The most customer oriented trading signals service!
  • Your betvirus.com subscription here..

1. Betvirus Forex Trading Signals Service (Members Area)
2. Free use of Fair Odds calculator BVTOOL
3. Match Evaluation - Full Access
4. BVRates Daily filtering - Full Access
5. BVTOOL Picks (Members Area)
6. VIP Picks (Members Area)
7. As betvirus paid member (bvmember) you have the "advantage" supporting
betvirus to continue exist in the future and to offer the best statistical service to betting players!


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