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1.As for the services we offer through our site concerning the program of the games, the statistics and any other content of the site, (for example news, performances of the games) we make every possible effort in order to respond to reality. Betrivus is not responsible nor it compensates for any mistakes or omissions of its collaborators that might occur due to their negligence or to their failure to update the site because of any other serious reason.

2.Betrivus does not bear nor acknowledges any responsibility in case of financial loss of its visitors following their participation in betting on athletic games or other lucky games. Furthermore its visitors strictly bear themselves the responsibility for their participating in the games and must also be aware that it is possible that betting might not be allowed in their country according to the legislation (of their country) or that betting might be punishable for the offenders or might be prohibited to persons under the age of 18.

3.Betrivus is a site that provides only informative and consultative material to adults players of betting and therefore does not organize betting services or any other kind of lucky games. Finally Betrivus does not bear responsibility for the content of other sites that might appear on its pages for marketing or other reasons.