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Typical Odds

Typical Odds

What is the Typical Odds

The purpose of the typical odds section -in the games where they are available- is to give us a hint of how the bookmakers are seeing the game. Let's don't forget that the odds which the bookmakers announce is a first prediction about the game. The typical odds section (which is also available for the past matches through the match review page) can help the player to realize if and how much the team verifies its winning tendency or if is often reversing the in favour predictions of the bookmakers

Through these odds we can also have a basic comparison with the Match Evaluation section (or with the "prediction engine" which soon will be available from the Bet Virus site) so to conclude probable discriminations of the typical odds and the centages 1X2 (%) from the Match Evaluation subsections (Total, In-Out, Form) In this case, where big differences between those two exists, the player should consider to study the specific game further.

What is the Typical Probabilities:

Typical probabilities are actually predictions for the match result which are coming from the typical odds (exported prediction) but have been processed from the system in a way to be more accurate as odds based probabilities. That means that we are eliminating the bookmakers profit margin from every result equivalent. This can lead us to achieve better conclusions and comparisons.

Typical odds are not coming, in the present time, from one specific bookmaker company. There is a periodical rotation from a range with the most popular and recognized companies worldwide.

Finally, we notice that there is a big effort so to collect typical odds in the majority of a day's games but this is a section which we temporarily cannot ensure its normal operation, no better from the rest of the pages in which our responsibilities are presented in the Disclaimer.