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Match Evaluation

Match Evaluation


In this section you can view the match evaluation for each final result as it calculated from the previous results of both teams.

This isn't actually a match prediction (at least not in the full sense of the word) but it helps the player to formulate a first opinion for the match he is interested in.

But how is this percentage emerged ?

We are summing the previous wins of the home team with the previous loses of the away team and then we raise this result to the sum of the games that the two teams have played so far for the league that holds the current event. The percentage we get corresponds to the Home win result

With the same way the loses of the home team with the wins of the away team gives us a percentage for the Away win result and also the draws of both teams (always raised to the sum of the games that both have played so far) can lead us to a percentage that corresponds to the Draw result.

We must notice that for the best performance of this tool, the match evaluation section exists only if each of the teams have played at least seven games for the current league. The match evaluation is also available for the past games (through their pages).

Form, In-Out and Over-Under 2,5 Evaluation.

As we explained before, the match evaluation comes up from the centage 1-Χ-2 for the home and the away team With the exact same way we calculate the "Form" and the "In-Out Evaluation" with the difference that now we calculate only the last five games (Form) and the overall performance of each teams (also each team must have played at least seven games for its basic league) for the in and out results (home - away): The in results for the home team and the out results for the away team.

With this way you can have an overall view for the performance of each team because it is well known that the performance of a team differs a lot in the home and the away matches.

At last, we integrated in this section an evaluation of the Over - Under betting (Over 2.5: Three or more goals in a final result. Under 2.5: Two or less goals in a final result) summing in each case the over results of the home team from the in games and the over results of the away team from the out games. This procces works reversely for the under results

We remind to you that this section is not a prediction tool but can help you to pass an opinion for the current performance of each team.