“…We are different because we are here since 2005 in order not to impress and to give up. We have been here all these years because we like what we do and we earn your respect day by day with our work and our integrity. And that’s not something that haggles after a big win or a big loss. It is something gained with confidence…”
Our story begins in the distant 2005 with betvirus.com being one of the first statistical sites for football betting. The unique features that characterized us made us immediately one of the most reliable project in this demand area. The years that have passed make betvirus.com the most favorite destination for millions users who have trusted us for their statistical analysis in football betting. Many of the innovations we first offered were copied from other relevant websites and that made us happy because we were able to open new streets in our favorite “game”. Beyond all the other sophisticated statistical tools we offered freely and with subscription, betvirus offered from December 2017 to July 2019 the most reliable and professional football picks service with detailed archive. This service manage a very good result of 8.50% yield or 101.52% betting bank growth with 300 starting betting units. The continuation of this service is available in today’s version of betvirus.com on VIP Members Section. We are very happy to see you all here in our new beginning and we commit ourselves that our proud history will be a guide for tomorrow.


Since 2005 a lot has changed, but not the philosophy that we approach betting in every form. Whether it is football or anything about Long Term Bets the basic idea  is simple but so complex at the same time that it requires experience and the greatest possible professionalism:  Find the hidden Value behind the given odds, turn the odds and posibilities into advantage and always look for the Value Bet. Today Betvirus continues its long tradition with the most reliable forecasting service for those looking for the long term profit in football betting  but that is not all…  Unique content (articles, betting theory, news, e.t.c) and frequent scans about anything that can help the bettor who is looking for the best opportunities in Value Bet.
Betvirus Team