People played games similar to modern soccer around the world since ancient times. Ancient football game is a Chinese game of Tsu-Chu, allegedly invented by Emperor Huang-Ti in 1697. Huang-Ti played with a leather ball stuffed with animal hair and Cork. The Japanese played a similar game called Kemari 7th century b.c., was also probably similar to soccer, although it was part of ritual ceremonies.

The ancient Greeks participated in the game involved kicking and throwing a ball on the field selected. He was called espiskyros. The Romans later played similar games, probably adjusted Greeks. One of the Romans called a follis full light hair on follis, players tried to keep the ball in the air with their hands. Another version is called harpastum. The game is difficult, players tried to deal with the person holding the ball. Harpastum was popular with Roman soldiers, which has spread throughout Italy and then throughout the Roman Empire. The game was brought to England, and from there the history of football.

The balls used in the early United Kingdom probably made oversized animals, although there are stubborn rumors played with human heads. The skulls of two other criminals of the Roman era.

The British played a game like soccer, with the Sun times, before Christianity as fertility ritual. It is open on Sundays. Players were kicked in the head of an animal around their agricultural fields. The winning team was supposed to bury your head in the land, “supposedly promising crops. (I’d say primitive)!.!.!

Standard soccer rules first published in 1862, so that alumni of various schools can play in harmony. The English Football Association was founded in 1863. At the same time, when the British student slang played Rugby, rugby was played under the football association rules.

Rugbei refused to join the Football Association. In 1871, eight years after the Organization of the Football Association, the Rugby, I put the official rules. With so many strong debate in both the Rugby Union also disposed. Over the years, Rugby rules were changed, but still the game and equipment remains undifferentiated from.

Global spread of football came with the expansion of the British Empire. British workers worked on railroads around the world thus created knowledge about and the football. The codification of the rules came in 1904 with the founding of the International Federation of Football Association (the French initials FIFA). In late 1990, football was the most popular game on the planet, with millions of fans and equipment industry.

Today millions of football players enjoy a challenging, fascinating game, players are being watched by millions of viewers worldwide. Soccer is definitely a serious game can match anyone who loves an audience, a big fan.


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