If England is the cradle of football, Brazil and Argentina are all famous for their fame, beauty, and football. The Samba and Tango stars are the best and most successful in the history of the round. So it was natural to see these stars wrestling with the European clubs, because they give any team the flavor of the beautiful ball, and this has been recognized by the management of Barcelona well in the last three decades and was keen to bring those precious jewels to Camp Nou. The magic of Latin ball.
So we will list the top 10 South American players who starred with the Catalan team.


10- Mascherano
Defender and international midfield player Joker, one of the most active players in eight seasons, gives his all in a frenzied and loyal manner, and despite scoring one goal for more than 300 matches, he is an indispensable player in the Catalan squad.
Born June 8, 1984. He is an Argentine national player. In the summer of 2010, Javier Mascherano moved to Barcelona, which he used in a new center (the heart of the defense).
Mascherano is the Joker player and nicknamed the “Monster”. He added the real addition to the Barcelona squad on the defense, turning to fill this place a lot under the injuries of Puyol, or in the center of the original as a central midfielder in the stadium. Joker and won several titles such as (La Liga – Spanish King’s Cup – Spanish Super Cup – Champions League – UEFA Super Cup – FIFA Club World Cup). There is no player like Mascherano, Barcelona will lose a lot when this player is lost, and in the future, it will be a legend in the history of Barcelona.

9- Luis Suarez
The striker, the sniper, has proved in just three seasons that he is a rare scorer. He scored the league’s top scorer in a season and his teammate in another season. He won the Golden Boot and all the tournaments during this short period and scored 85 goals in 97 matches.
Born January 24, 1987, is an Uruguayan football player currently playing in the Barça and the Uruguayan team as an attacker.
Critics and sports analysts say that Luis Suarez, the best striker in the world right now.
The “thief” joined Barcelona in the summer of 2014 against 82.3 million euros from Liverpool, having scored 31 goals in the Premier League, and has topped the top scorer in the Premier League.

8- Maradona.
He is the best player ever to touch the ball, one of the players the Spanish fans are proud to have worn, and although it is only two seasons, it has become a permanent fragrance at Camp Nou. The Argentinean icon played for 1982-1984, Engraved in the hearts of the fans of the Barça.
Born on October 30, 1960, an Argentine footballer. He is the most controversial player in the history of football and is considered by many to be the best player in the history of football. He has won Spanish King’s Cup since his arrival with the Barcelona team: 1983 / Spanish Super Cup: 1983. Legendary Maradona scored 346 goals in 671 matches. Including 38 goals by the Barcelona team.

7- Ronaldo “phenomenon”
The Brazilian phenomenon, despite wearing the Barcelona shirt for only one season, as well as the transfer to the traditional rival Real Madrid, but this season was stuck in the memory of all fans of the team, it is enough to mention that he scored 34 goals in 37 games, and won the title of King Cup, As well as the European Union Cup.
Ronaldo “Phenomenon” is a former Brazilian soccer player who retired from playing football in February 2011 and was born on September 22, 1976, in Brazil. He is the best football forwarder in history. He is fast, skillful and enduring. He won the FIFA World Player of the Year award at the age of 20 in 1996, as a junior, and he won two more occasions in 1998 and 2002, In history, and also smaller than the Golden Ball Award, which was in 1997, as he did on another occasion in 2002.
It is really surprising at the beginning of the relationship Ronaldo football, that he played as a goalkeeper, but he liked to play at the center of the attack and score goals. Even his mother said that Ronaldo was in his sleep shouting “pass the ball to let me score the goal” and kicking his air, On the achievements of this phenomenon, Ronaldo scored more goals than any other Brazilian player in the Spanish league, 117 goals (83 for Real, 34 for Barcelona). He is the only player in the history of the league who crowned the top scorer of the season with Barcelona (1996/97). ) And Real Madrid (2003/04). Ronaldo is still the youngest player ever to reach 30 goals in the Dutch league (18 years).

6- Romario
The Brazilian star of the 1990s, despite the short time he spent with Barcelona, two seasons from 1993 to 1995, but it was a golden period for the team, especially with the presence of the Dutch Cruyff as a coach of the team at the time.
Romario is a Brazilian striker born January 29, 1966, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, one of the greatest attackers in football history, scoring 1000 goals in his career.
When asked the usual question, who is the best. Messi or Ronaldo? Romario replied: “Of course I am the best!”
He’s really the best, he’s a great player, even though he’s been there for two seasons but he’s been in the hearts of Barcelona fans all through history.
When Barcelona decided to sign with Romario to shine at Camp Nou for two seasons and score 34 goals in 46 matches, Romario made 84 appearances for Barcelona. The team was then known by the dream team, which together with Romario had a number of great players who had won many titles for the Spanish club. In his first seasons with Albrisa, Romario starred with Barcelona and won the Spanish league and reached the finals of the European Championship. Romario also scored top scorer for the Spanish league With 30 goals in 33 matches. and in 1993 Romario won the World Player of the Year award after Roberto Baggio but in 1994 he won the World Player of the Year.

5- Dani Alves
He is the crazy Brazilian, proved to be the best right back in the history of the Catalan team, through 8 seasons participated in 247 games, and was one of the most accomplished goal makers during this period.
Born on May 6, 1983, a Brazilian footballer. He plays as the right backer of Paris St Germain and the Brazilian national team.
In 2008, he moved from Sevilla to FC Barcelona for 32.5 million euros to become the most expensive defender in history. Alves won three times in his first season with the Spanish club as well as the European Super Cup, the Spanish Super Cup and the Club World Cup, leading to the achievement of the historic six.He helped the club to snatch the Spanish Super Cup again, two league titles, and the Champions League in the ensuing years.
It is known that Alves raised his record to 34 titles during his career in the stadiums, to come in third place on the list of the most players crowned titles with clubs only, away from international titles or individual awards.
semedo, the current right backer of the team, said that Dani Alves was his example. He really deserves to be the idol of all the players of the world.

4- Neymar
The Brazilian mercenary wing, although he has been with Barça for only four seasons, since his first appearance at the Camp Nou, he has proved to be a great player and has won all the local tournaments, alongside the Champions League and the Club World Cup.
Neymar was born on February 5, 1992, in Brazil, and in May 2013, the talented young man Neymar announced his move to Europe to play for FC Barcelona. Throughout his career with the Barcelona Club.
Neymar was able to achieve a series of collective or individual titles, Neymar’s titles and his championships with Barcelona. Spanish league for the year 2015. Copa America Championship for the year 2015. Spanish Super Cup for the 2013 season. Champions League for the 2015 season. Golden Ball of 2013 as the best player in the Confederations Cup in Brazil.Third place in the World Player of the Year award. In addition to the titles, he achieved with Brazil and before coming to Barcelona. He will win other titles after his departure from Barcelona. He is now the most expensive player in the world. Neymar has gone to Paris St Germain for € 220 million but he remains in the hearts of Barcelona fans.

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3- Rivaldo
He has been one of the most talented players in the history of the Catalan team. He has been playing for 5 seasons in Barcelona shirt.
He moved from Deportivo La Coruna to Barcelona in a very good deal for the Catalonian giants in 1997. In his first season with Barcelona, he helped the team achieve the “local double” the Spanish league – Spanish King’s Cup (19 goals – 34 matches), making him the second top scorer in the Spanish league Cristian Vieri.
This great player had skills and talent that was not owned by another player in the world. He used to get the ball in the midfield and generally at the left, and he prefers this point to attack the opponent. He controlled the ball with his left foot and quickly marked his arrival at the danger zone at his opponents.

2- Ronaldinho
The Brazilian magician, who joined the team in the summer of 2003, came from Paris St Germain and remained glittering for 5 seasons.
He was born in 1980 in Brazil and was the birthplace of football so far. BARCELONA entered a competition with Manchester United to sign Ronaldinho at € 32,250,000. He first played for Barcelona in a friendly against Milan at the Kennedy Stadium in Washington, scoring one goal. After suffering injury, he returned to lead Barcelona to second place in the league to the end.
But if we look at the records of the history and achievements of this great player we find that he is the best player with Barcelona in the league season 2003-2004 with the most beautiful goal in the league against Sevilla and achieved second place with Barcelona and was also the best player in the league season 2004-2005. The most beautiful goal in the league (his goal on Valencia) (I personally see his best goal ever). The most beautiful goal in the Champions League 2004/05 against Chelsea and was also the best player in the world in 2004. Ronaldinho won the best striker in Europe 2004-2005 / Confederations Cup 2005 / Golden Ball for the best player in Europe 2005 / Best player in Brazil 2005 / Best player in the world 2005 / Third World Player of the Year 2006. On completion, his club gave him a contract until 2014, but he refused and decided to move to AC Milan.



The historic scorer of the Catalan team and the holder of the historical record for the title of the best player in the world, with 5 times, aged 20 and 21, and won by the age of 22, and the historical goal of the Spanish league, is undoubtedly the best ever in the history of the team.
Born June 24, 1987, he is considered one of the best footballers of his generation and has been nominated several times for the Golden Ball.
If we talk about Messi’s great history with Barcelona, we will find that his history is full of records and we need at least a month to study his achievements and his standard figures. We will find that he is the only player in history who has scored more than 40 goals for his club in eight consecutive seasons. He is the most accomplished scorer in the history of the Clasico in the league, scoring 16 goals. It is not reasonable that he was the youngest player to score 200 goals in the league when he was 25. He entered the Guinness Book of Records by scoring the most goals in official matches in one year (scoring 91 goals in 2012).