The internet has changed our lives forever.

That is a truth which is universally accepted today; in fact it has been for almost two decades.

Among the many advantages – and drawbacks – of the digital revolution, the most fundamental and controversial issue surrounding this wonderful technological achievement of man is the free exchange of information.

The Internet was, is – and we hope will remain – a means of bringing people closer and spreading unlimited free knowledge and two-way information all over the planet.

However, it soon became clear that the sheer volume of information circulating daily on the worldwide web was causing the problem known as information overload.

That is to say, the amount of data that the average person is asked to take in is so great that processing all that information and knowledge and, moreover, decision-making can be difficult, as being bombarded with all sorts of information is confusing, and often disappointing, for the recipient.

Assessing the source is key.

There is no surer or more effective way of dealing with the problem of information overload than constantly evaluating our sources of information against strict personal criteria. We must, however, always remain objective about the consistency, credibility and authenticity of our sources, whether we just want to keep abreast of the news, or get a valid view of more important issues.

Sport – Betting information.

In our area of sports betting the situation is no different from the general picture described above, but perhaps things are even worse as intense commercialisation has led to many exaggerations from people who, without any specialisation on the subject, guide visitors to their web pages with “suggestions” and “tips” when in fact they are ignorant of the basic rules.

There are no hidden secrets.

For whatever someone wants to find out (informative news reports, reliable suggestions on games of interest, betting theory, types of wager, cash pot management and more) there are professionals as well as people who simply have a passion for and knowledge of this tricky subject who have shared their time and experience on the internet and in print, so anyone interested need only search and learn. In this way they can, perhaps not immediately but relatively quickly, assess their sources and categorise any information that comes their way on a scale of rubbish to gems.

Some practical tips.

Restrict your sources of information for a time to a manageable daily number, for example 2-3 web pages or newspapers / magazines, and then try to judge by objective criteria (such as consistency and reliability) as well as by whether the style of the media is to your taste.

Don’t be swayed by the occasional success of a tipster touted as a giant feat. No serious sports betting analyst celebrates every success or mourns every failure, because this game is a marathon rather than a sprint.

Quantity is not always a good guide though it often prevails over quality. If you have an initial preference for a particular betting writer, beware if he gives masses of tips on a daily basis on just about everything. It is impossible for any professional to know everything that’s going on in the sports market, especially where more than one sport is concerned. Place more value on those who urge you to stay out of the game, even if it’s for a number of days, when in their opinion there’s no reason to participate.

Trust yourself and your instincts when choosing the media and the people who promise to inform you. Judge them on their  time in the field too, because those who do not love what they do are quickly swept away. These are much better criteria than fleeting rumours about someone’s magic formula for great success. No sooner does such a rumour spread, than it leaves disastrous results in its wake. There is no magic formula.

Arm yourself with patience and perseverance. And don’t forget that whether you are trying to earn from sports betting or just enjoy participating in it, excess has never benefited anyone. Always play within your financial means. Never sacrifice your basic necessities for betting.

Have fun!

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