Of the top five leagues of Europe, which has the most uncertain outcome is without a doubt the German Bundesliga with the battle culminating from now until mid May between Bayern and Dortmund. Both teams are ranked in the first place with 60 points while remaining eight other rounds til the end. Let’s see how the title battle will culminate and which of the two teams is more likely to cut the champion’s thread first.

Bayern has 4 home games and 4 away matches. Plays in the following order:

– 30/03 Freiburg (Away – Freiburg now with 31 points has no particular ambitions nor worries about relegation, is essentially indifferent for the league)

– 06/04: Dortmund (Home – The big match! 1st round win 3-2 for Dortmund. Important lead for the home team).

– 13/04 Fortuna (Away – Fortuna also almost in the middle of the table with 31 points now has no particular motivation for the league).

– 20/04 Werder Bremen (Home – Werder very close to the positions of the league that leading in the next Europe League)

– 27/04 Nurnberg (Away – the worst team in the League, as the point tables indicate with very few hopes of “staying” in the next Bundesliga).

– 04/05 Hannover (Home – Hopes for the away team to get in the 16th place for play off).

– 11/05 Leipzig (Away – Leipzing wants the 3th place but has secured participation in the next Champions League).

– 18/05 Eintracht Frankfurth (Home – Great motivation for Eintracht as currently playing for qualification in Champions League throught league).

Estimate… Bayern easily can get 20-24 points until the end.

Dortmund has also 4 home and 4 away mathes:

-30/03 Wolfsburg (Home – Wolfsburg in the 7th place now will do a hard job to hosts as every point counts for Europe league).

-06/04.. followed the big derby with Bayern to which we have already mentioned.

-13/04 Mainz (Home – a theoretically easy match for Dortmund).

-20/04 Freiburg (Away – and in this match Dortmund can relatively easily to “find” the three win points especially if has managed to get in Freigurg without other losses).

– 27/04 Schalke (Home – Every match is critical from now on for Schalke as in an unexpected bad appearance in this year Bundesliga fights to avoid the play off)

-04/05 Werder Bremen (Away – As we said Weder will not be easy opponent to any match and without a tough fight. Difficult prediction for this..)

-11/05 Fortuna (Home – 1 round before the end this is a typical match for Dortmund to achieve an easy win).

-18/05 Borussia Monchengladbach (Away – Α very good season is over for Borussia and she will definitely want to celebrate with a victory).

Estimate.. Very  difficult to say but certainly below the threshold we predicted for Bayern (20 points).

With as much uncertainty as there may be a prediction in football, we can say that in the trophy battle for Bundesliga 2018-19, Bayern -last year’s champions- have a significant advantage in resuming their triumph based on the match program we analyzed above. All that remains is to see if.. reality will justify us. Also after the Bayern exclusion form Champions League the main goal is the champion title and the DFB Pokal. Finally, we note that the odds for Bayern’s final victory are at 1.35 that can be described as good enough.