Of course it’s not just luck. The results we present in betvirus.com are the results of professional consistency and seriousness, profound knowledge of our demand area and, of course, the experience that has reached us here in the last fifteen years. All of the above is not said because we have just once again achieved a BIG WIN in Betvirus VIP picks Service…

(Saturday 30 March until 20.00 GMT+2: 17 value bets, 10 wins, total stakes 73 units, net profit 57.94 units, yield +79.37%. Check all March 2019 betvirus value bets for paid subscrιbers and here complete month by month stats of our service since December 2017. Also check in the end of this article table of the 30 March 17 value bets until 20.00 GMT+3).

Besides, we know well that the football betting is not a race but a marathon and is not judged by one or more wins but by the results over time, we do not want to celebrate just yet another great success we have achieved for our subscribers, we just want to remind why Betvirus VIP picks service it is by far the best value bet service at the moment (and especially with this provocatively low price) in this demanding area which unfortunately is full of scammers.

1. It’s an honest service. Our subscribers know this very well and these are our best advertisers. Thank you. There is no need to say anything more about it. We all know that false archive can very easily be presented to impress. But not in Betvirus..

2. Full month by month picks Archive since December 2017.

3. Always search for value football bets with advanced statistical techniques aiming the long term profit.

4. Premium Email service for our paid subscribers so that when the Betvirus Members Area is updated with new picks an e-mail sent to their accounts to always be immediately informed and not need to constantly visit the site for new content. Over 60% OF these picks generate and send via mail to subscribers at least 24 hours before the events and almost 30% of them, 48+ hours before the events. We always try to take advantage of the early odds from several trustworthy bookmakers.

We are different because we are here since 2005 in order not to impress and to give up. We have been here all these years because we like what we do and we earn your respect day by day with our work and our integrity.  And that’s not something that haggles after a big win or a big loss. It is something gained with confidence.


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