Friendly games are over and teams are invited for the start of the new season. Real Madrid, however, have made the worst preparations of all Spain La Liga teams.

With the Spanish teams ready and the championship qualified for start, it’s time to see how the football clubs have done. Most of the lights of course fall on Real Madrid, which comes from a disappointing year that would like to forget.

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However, if we consider that every win in a friendly game counts for  three points and “X” for one point, the Real Madrid players have the worst stats, of all the other teams in their country, with 1.14 points per game in 7 games. , according to Spanish  newspaper “AS”!


Just 2 wins over Fenerbahce (5-3) and Salzburg (1-0), 2 draws with Arsenal (2-2) and Roma (2-2) and finally three major defeats: Atletico (3-7), Bayern (1-3) and Tottenham (0-1).

The results  in  friendly games may not be considered significant, but the preparation of “Zizou” is certainly not to persuade the fans, who have left with a bitter taste from last year results.

Real Madrid finished third in final standing for the 2018-19 season gathering 68 points. 21 – 5 – 12 and 63-46 goals.

Below is a list of points earned by Spanish teams during the preparation period, through their friendly matches.

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