New VIP fotball tip added in Betvirus VIP Members for Betvirus paid subscribers!

– Please if you are already Betvirus VIP User with paid membership visit our  VIP BETS area to see our Midweek (20-22 August 2019) open forecasts.

– Totally now (20/08/19, 14.00 GMT+3) 1 open bet and 10 open Betting Bank Units.

– If you are a Free Betvirus User you can access our Football Bets Area by register as VIP user with just as low of 15 Euro/Month. No recurring payments.

Settled Bets: 988
Total Stakes: 3994 Betting Units
Units Scale: 1-10
Bet Types: 1X2 & Under-Over 2.5 Goals
Betting Units Profit/Loss: +381.44 Profit
Yield: +9.55%
Start Betting Bank (December 2017): 300 Units
Betting Bank Growth: +127.15%

Thank you for your trust since 2005. Betvirus Team



  • BEST ODDS at time publish new tips.
  • BET TYPE 1X2 or UNDER-OVER 2.5.
  • PICKS ARE CONSIDERED always as single bets.
  • THIS IS NOT A 100% WIN, FIXED, SURE etc PICKS SERVICE This is a Value Bet service from Betvirus Team. We are looking for the long term profit in football betting. Please BE CAREFUL for drawdown periods. Check here the complete month to month Archive since 2017 and familiarize yourself with the idea of “painful” drawdown periods. Don’t use more than 1-2% of your bankroll in these tips
  • WHENEVER the Betvirus Members Area is updated with new content (tips) an e-mail sent to betvirus paid subscribers (BVMEMBERS) to always be immediately informed and not need to constantly visit the site for new updates.
  • OVER 60% OF THESE PICKS generate and send via mail to subscribers at least 24 hours before the events and almost 30% of them, 48+ hours before the events. We always try to take advantage of the early odds from several trustworthy bookmakers.
  • PREVIOUS RESULTS are not a guarantee for future returns. You bet on your own risk.


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