Only the present time and what himself treats as a gift are enjoyed by Christian Ronaldo who has shown that he does not think about to give up football, but says that he cannot know what will happen even in the next summer!

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Until recently, he had made it clear that his “goal” is to keep playing football for as long as he can at the highest level and and manage the high stress it creates at such a high level of professional football.

Persistence with Success

Christian Ronaldo speaking on Portuguese television and TVI, for the first time, Cristiano showed that his way of thinking had changed:

“It’s not something i think.. about quitting football. I can stop for a year, I can continue playing until 40-41 … I can’t know what will happen. What I care about is enjoying the moments and the present. I have a gift and I have to keep enjoying it. My motivation is the persistence I have with success. I admit it. But it is a healthy obsession. I believe that if everyone in their profession were obsessed with what they did, then they would be much more successful in their jobs.”