Football betting is definitely an activity for the majority of people that relates to fun and certainly this is not bad at all. Certainly many hours of fun have come together while watching our favorite team on tv and at the same time we are betting just to see if we were right or wrong about our predictions.

However those who know how this “game” has been set up by bookies for their own profit they also know that the less we try to figure out ways to make us better football bettng players the easier we lose money and become richer the bookmakers. Because between the two ends (on the one hand the few professional players and on the other the millions of players playing without any strategy) there is certainly a big field in which we can act and fight for our money while at the same time – why not? – we have fun watching football!

To become a better player at football betting it requires you to love the game and want to know betting the”rules & secrets”. Today internet is full of sources of information that anyone who really care about can become a real expert!

Definitely an easy way to start to understand the basics such as betting discipline, money bank management, value betting and much more is to start following a very good tipster service which can be made with simple and clear predictions -several days before the games begin- to help you directly (faithfully following the tips and the recommended bet units) but and indirectly just making your game a little more profitable.

This is exactly what we are trying to accomplish on

  • Simple and “clear” football tips (1X2 and Under-0ver 2.5 goals) twice a week, long before the matches begin so you have all the time to decide and betting
  • Bets Tips on a unit scale 1-10 so you know how important we think each one is to a bet for.
  • Notifications on your mail account when new content is published in the betvirus VIP members area.
  • Detailed stats month by month. Professional service without breaks since December 2017.

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