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Free spin offers work as an excellent promotion tool for online casinos to attract more number of people to their platforms and online slot games. As per this offer, once you register with a casino platform and make your first deposit (not needed in case of no deposit free spin offers), you are awarded free spins in the form of a welcome bonus. In this brief article we will share some important facts related to such free spin offers so that you know what are you getting into.

How it works?

As soon as you register and create an account with the online casino, you are automatically presented a welcome offer comprising of a specific number of free spins. Please note, these offers might vary from casino to casino, and might be available with or without an initial deposit. Hence it is important to compare different websites to pick the best one.

The offered free spins can be used immediately, and provide you a realistic chance of winning real money. In the event that you do win real money, you can continue playing with the casino and all the money you win will be yours. But please keep in mind, the online casinos place some wagering requirements for you to be able to withdraw your winnings. You must carefully go through these conditions in order to avail the best offer.

In addition, it’s very important to avail such free spin offers only from reputed and reliable online casinos, which will honour their commitment in case you end up scoring a huge win. Here you can find some such best online casino websites where you can play for free, using these free spin offers.

It’s important to note here that although it doesn’t happen very frequently, it’s not impossible to win big sums with the help of these free spins. There are several examples of online casino players who have won millions of dollars playing no deposit slot games. They normally use their small initial winnings (won with the help of free spins) to play progressive jackpot slots, and sometimes hit it big! Progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah and others are the kinds which are capable of delivering life transforming jackpot wins.

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The difference between free spins and extra spins

Before you go ahead and start shortlisting the best online casinos to use such free spin offers, it’s important to understand the difference between free spins and extra spins. Please remember that these aren’t just marketing terms as there is a clear difference between the two. Extra spins can be termed as a fairly new concept introduced as recently as 2018 by the UK Gambling Commission to ensure that the online casino promotions are more transparent and fair. The idea behind it is to offer a clear distinction between the different spin offers extended to the new players, with or without the need of real money deposit.

As per the regulations, UK online casinos can call their promotion a free spin offer only if it doesn’t involve any initial deposit. If there is a deposit involved, the spins will be referred to as extra spins and not free spins.